Create blockchain-powered worlds seamlessly

Our vision is to create a collaborative blockchain-powered ecosystem where artists can create engaging experiences around their work and game developers can extend them into mobile, PC and console video games.

For Artists

The MTVRS team currently works with artists directly to create custom blockchain game dynamics and support them with the creation of their world. 


No coding experience required, just focus on creating your world as you envision it


Artists earn a significant revenue share of all sales on the platform from their game


Artists keep 100% ownership of their art.


Artists can create and market physical and digital merchandise on the platform 


Artists guide the fate of the worlds they create with the support of their community


We help match the right game developers to collaborate on the development of video games for each world

Featured Creators

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For Game Developers

The MTVRS team currently works with game developers to integrate blockchain assets into existing or new games! We're also currently developing the MTVRS Blockchain Game Integration API to offer seamless integration of blockchain dynamics and MTVRS features into your mobile, PC and console games. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how we can work together today!

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